Friday, July 01, 2011

Outdoing himself ...

Tom Friedman seems to be in competition with himself.

Not too long ago, he referred to Israel's leadership as a bunch of drunk drivers, called some Israeli cabinet members "lunatics", and urged that America stop being Israel's "crack dealer" . It is difficult to understand what kinds of demons Tom Friedman is wrestling with. He seems to desperately look for increasingly more outlandish analogies by which to bludgeon Israel out of consideration for its own interests (security, security, security) and into a more amenable mood to Obama's dizzying new delineations for peace between Israel and the Palestinians (no to East Jerusalem, no to defensible borders), . His more recent genius expression was: '“Netanyahu is [the] Mubarak of Israel.”

Omri Ceren has the patience to explain why Friedman is wrong.

I, don't. All I can offer is this love song to himself from "Latma", the weekly satirical Israeli programme:

Tom Friedman's love song

Many years ago, I was terribly impressed with Tom Friedman's wisdoms. I even bought his book about olives and luxury cars for my husband's birthday. These days, after I read his series of anti-Israel vituperations and watching him on Charlie Rose, I can't help but wonder what is it that fills his mind with such fatuous garbagey thinking, such a frantic need to add ever more tinder to the fire of anti-Israel sentiment that Obama's administration, in its great sagacity, has helped to make respectable. It seems he has nothing of significance or insight to say. It's a sad spectacle.


At 3:47 AM EDT, Blogger SnoopyTheGoon said...

The man is a washout, looking for publicity where he can take it. Not easy these days, when his newspaper is losing in esteem and credibility.

At 11:44 AM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Obamism infected so many pundits - I have had to change many of my reading sources since 2008.
I did not change - they did, especially the NYT op-ed page!

At 5:11 PM EDT, Anonymous Will James said...

Glad to see that you didn't miss Latma's send-up of Tom Friedman! They cut him down to size so ruthlessly that I almost began to feel sorry for the poor bugger.

At 9:33 PM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...


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