Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Poor, deranged Angry Arab

I almost feel sorry for him. Imagine the hatred that inspires a professor at a respectable American university to write something like this:

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

"The enemy state of Israel

Yesterday, I saw a glimpse of tourist propaganda for Israel on US TV. I got so upset. I wrote this on Facebook and I shall translate:

لا يغيظني شيء أو يستفزّني مثل رؤية مشاهد ترويج "سياحي" لدولة إسرائيل العدوّة: أصرخ في داخلي. الحجارة ليست لكم (أو لكنّ). الأزهار ليست لكم. الشواطيء ليست لكم. الغيوم ليست لكم. زرقة السماء ليست لكم. ستعود كلّها إلى أصحابها. عندها, كل شيء سيكون أجمل وأبهى.
(Nothing incenses me or provokes me like watching scenes of "tourist" promotion for the enemy state of Israel: I scream in my inside. The stones are not yours. The flowers are not yours. The beaches are not yours. The clouds are not yours. The blueness of the sky is not yours. All will return to their owners. Then, everything will be more beautiful and more splendid.)"

What will happen to the poor man if his benighted desires were to become a reality? What if there are no Israel and no Israelis between the Jordan river to the Mediterranean sea?

Here is a possible insight, from someone AbuKhalil might have respect for:

" Lange: What was that story you were going to tell me?
Heydrich: Story?
Lange: Kritzinger.
Heydrich: Yes, he told me a story about a man he had known all his life, a boyhood friend. This man hated his father. Loved his mother fiercely. His mother was devoted to him, but his father used to beat him, demeaned him, disenherited him. Anyway, this friend grew to manhood and was still in his thirties when the mother died. The mother, who had nurtured and protected him, died. The man stood at her grave as they lowered the coffin, and tried to cry, but no tears came. The man's father lived to a very extended old age, and withered away and died when the son was in his fifties. At the father's funeral, much to the son's surprise, he could not control his tears. Wailing, sobbing... he was apparently inconsolable. Lost. That was the story Kritzinger told me.
Eichmann: I don't understand.
Heydrich: No? The man had been driven his whole life by hatred of his father. When his mother died, that was a loss, but when the father died and the hate had lost its object, the man's life was empty — over.
Lange: Interesting.
Heydrich: That was Kritzinger's warning.
Eichmann: What, that we should not hate the Israelites?
Heydrich: No, that it should not so fill our lives that, when they are gone, we have nothing left to live for. So says the story. I will not miss them. "

But please, don't imagine for a second that I'm attributing to AbhKhalil Nazi sympathies. AbuKhalil can spot a Nazi when he sees one:

"Having Marwan Muasher (a stooge of the Jordanian potentate, Husayn, and his son) speak on the Arab spring is akin to having von Ribbentrop speak about democracy in Germany."

In case you wonder what has Muasher done to deserve so much loathing and demonization, I believe the answer is to be found in this detail:

"After serving as the first Jordanian Ambassador to the State of Israel after the 1994 Peace Treaty, "

(Update: Another Nazi spotted by Abukhalil)

It should be mentioned that the speaker of these words, the propagator of these analogies, the demonizer of a Jordanian politician, is a professor of political science at California State University, Stanislaus and visiting professor at UC, Berkeley. He is being entrusted with the teaching of young American students about history, about methods of thinking critically, evaluating information, application of objective standards, analysing, etc etc.


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"...The blueness of the sky is not yours. ..."

How is it possible to think that way?




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