Saturday, July 09, 2011

The Politically-Correct Antisemite

On a blog named "RANAR-BARI" I ran across this astounding statement:

"For the sake of Vanunu and Rachel Corrie, it is foolish to conclude that Jewish money controls the American mind."

In other words, if it were not for Vanunu and Rachel Corrie, it wouldn't be foolish to conclude that Jewish money controls the American mind.

It is the sort of thunderbolt worthy of the judicious sagacity of Angry Arab. It purports to be a rebuttal to a standard antisemitic accusation that Jews control the world and that the American administration is enthralled to ZOG. The blogger rejects this allegation, not on the grounds that it is a vile demonization with evil historical roots and manifestations. No. The blogger fancies himself as a sort of Abraham, who haggled with God about how many righteous men in Sodom would it take for God to remove the threat of destruction from the city. Abraham could negotiate God down to ten righteous men. RANAR-BARI's author is even more ambitious: he is perfectly willing to exonerate all the Jews in the world, for the sake of these two lone righteous Jews: Rachel Corrie and Mordechai Vanunu. These two Jews, the embodiment of decency, are enough to redeem the entirety of basically perfidious Jewery from the crime of, suspicion of, world domination cabal.

But there is a problem.

Corrie wasn't, and never had been, Jewish and Vununu converted many years ago to Christianity, and is no longer Jewish.

Where does this leave our blogger's Abrahamic nobility?

The obstacle to the conclusion that "Jewish money controls the American mind." is now removed. Our blogger is no longer restrained by his love and respect for these two persons, and his way is clear to embrace the antisemitic canard that indeed Jews do control the American mind.



On RANAR-BARI blog, where I left a comment, the blogger responds:

To The Contentious Centrist

I dont know what you are getting at. Rather convoluted and twisted and typical of the well-organized Israel-no-matter-what conglomeration that has decended on the web. You concoct and construct an affiliation for anti-semitism for all those who oppose zionism, just as the Canadian Parliament recently attempted to in a failed attempt. It does not take a noble-mind to designate Israel as a pariah state, cruel and thuggish and perhaps the foremost perpetrators of anti-semitism in the long run and of course in direct collaboration with life long anti-semites like the Christian zionists...As far as America goes, that country has the largest body of well-meaning progressives, including a significant and increasing number of progressive Jews who are disgusted with the filth that Israel spews out..So I dont know what is your problem with that..the only problem is that they cannot control the hegemony of mainstream speak...."

Another rant, in which
a worldview comes together in a pretty lucid way: well-organized Israel-conglomeration, the antisemitic card, Israel= thuggish, cruel pariah, American Christian Zionists, Israeli propaganda filth, and the marginalization of helpless, often Jooish, "progressives" (aka "Good Jews").

Is there any element of the New Left dogma that is missing from this garden-variety "two-minutes of Hate" ?


At 9:59 AM EDT, Anonymous Migreli said...

You misidentify the place that Corrie occupies in RANAR-BARI's polemic. She is the American mind that Jewish money does not control, not a righteous Jew.

Equally, for RANAR-BARI, Vanunu is a non-moneyed Jew whose influence on the American mind is benevolent. The fact that a Jew converts to Christianity is neither here nor there in this case. He can convert, and also continue for many purposes to serve as a representative of a certain kind of Jewish outlook and world-view.

Zionists historically have differed on this matter. Hillel Kook and his followers are at one extreme, and embraced an ideology of separateness between national and religious identity that is very close to that which is prevalent in modern Western countries. At the other extreme we have the religious right (and left, pace Yeshayahu Leibowitz) who saw a seamless connection between religious and national identity, and who regarded conversion of Jews to Christianity as an abomination.

As for the influence of Jewish money on the American mind, one cannot but be struck by how little Jewish money is allocated to this purpose, compared with how much the Arabs and Moslems have spent, with considerable success, in America and in Europe.

At 10:14 AM EDT, Blogger The Contentious Centrist said...

My post is ironic, migreli.


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