Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Parpera'ot (Trifles)

encountered today:

1. Zion-upon-Danube

Just spoke to a friend of mine, a Hungarian-Canadian who told me about a friend of hers who is a Canadian who had relocated to Hungary about 20 years ago. Anyway, this person keeps insisting that if things don't work out with the Palestinians, Israel is planning to take over Hungary. Already the Zionists (=Joos) are in charge of the government and the media, working towards this aim. This, my friend told me, is a relatively young and very intelligent human being and she really believes this and cannot be disabused of her notions.

2. Proof of Apartheid in Israel:

Angry Arab has a way of shooting himself in the foot. He posts, with much bravado, another proof of Israel's racism and links to the source of the story that concludes with this paragraph:

"Levi denies the worker was fired. He declared himself “against assimilation” and insisted that “there was suspicion of an affair. There was no affair. These extremist groups keep getting involved and making everybody crazy.

“This is the ‘peace supermarket,’ he said. “Extremist Palestinians and Jews don’t like it.”

3. Such hilarity! What passes for humour in Egypt


" Mubarak simply turned Egypt into a crippled with corruption Middle Eastern nation that looked more Zionist than Arabic"

This essence of wisdom and self-awareness comes from from the Egyptian doctor-blogger with a strong inclination towards history.

When I read such superabundance of nonsense and detachment from reality, I am tempted to do an unkind thing and rub the author's nose in his own absurdities, so I left this comment on Pyramidion's blogpost:

“Mubarak simply turned Egypt into a crippled with corruption Middle Eastern nation that looked more Zionist than Arabic, ”

Indeed. Egypt, under Mubarak, looked very much like the Zionist entity:


and in the post-Mubarak era, Egypt is set to scale even great heights:



Or this:


Are you, as a doctor, doing something about promoting hygiene in street food that is probably consumed by the millions of Cairenes everyday, including unsuspecting children? Shouldn’t this be your first priority, rather than manufacture all sort of perfidious tales to tell about Israelis? Israel succeeds because it cares more about it own citizens than the failures of its neighbours. It’s the nature of democracy that you look inward, and try to correct what is wrong with your own society. It seems to me you don’t really get the idea that democratic reform is about agency and self responsibility. Your emotionally-satisfying rants are not doing one tiny thing to feed hungry kids or provide tolerable food quantities for Egyptians.

Don’t you worry about your countrymen going hungry? About unhygienic food being sold to people?

5. Norwegian Ambassador to Israel: About terrorist attacks on innocent civilians

"ההבדל הוא שהפלסטינים שתוקפים את ישראל באמצעות פיגועים. לא משנה כמה זה לא מקובל ונורא, הם עושים זאת במטרה מוגדרת הקשורה בכיבוש
הישראלי. יש שם יסודות של נקמה בישראל ושנאה לישראל. לזה אפשר להוסיף את האלמנט הדתי בפעולותיהם. בכל מקרה יש מוטיב עיקרי למעשים שלהם.
The difference is that Palestinians are attacking Israel through the means of terrorist actions. Never mind how unacceptable or terrible it is, they are doing this with a defined goal that is related to the Israeli occupation. There are elements of revenge against Israel and hatred of Israel. To this you can add the religious dimension to their actions. In any case, there is a principle motive to their actions. (Translation: Camera)

"במקרה של הפיגוע בנורבגיה יש לרוצח אידיאולוגיה שאומרת שנורבגיה, ובמיוחד מפלגת הלייבור, מוותרת על התרבות הנורבגית. אני יכול להעיר שאם האיש הזה נגד הגירה ונגד מוסלמים, זה מדהים שהוא לא הרג מוסלמים אלא פוליטיקאים נורבגים, ומנסה להרוס את האדמינסטריציה בנורבגיה

In the case of the attack in Norway the murderer's ideology maintains that Norway, and especially the Labour party, is selling out Norway and its culture. I can comment that if this man is against immigration and Muslims, it is amazing that he did not kill Muslims but Norwegian politicians, and is trying to destroy the Norwegian administration. (Translation: CC)

Contentious Interpretation: We shouldn't beat about the bush. The bottom line is you Israelis, deserve it. We, Norwegians, do not.

Update: Here is Prof. Allan Dershowitz's reply to His Excellency, the Norwegian Ambassador's drivel (H/T: K2K, in the comments)



At 12:44 PM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Giulio Meotti: "What's Wrong in the Paradise of Political Correctness
Published: 27/07/11, 11:58 AM
In Israel, a mass terror spree like in Utoeya would have never happened the way it did. This was not a suicide bomber, it was someone with a gun. No one attacked him. ...

The Jewish State created a new kind of citizen-defender as last line of defense. In the tiny island of Utoeya, that symbol of European weakness, nobody tried to save the innocent youngsters. ..."

Thanks again for finding Goldblog on Sahm. I commented again, will check tomorrow to see if the clueless punchback.

Am reading John Buchan's 1924 spy thriller "The Three Hostages" wherein "moral imbeciles" is the 1924 pre-cursor of "useful idiots".



At 9:04 PM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...


"Is Terrorism Against Israel Really More Justified Than Terrorism Against Norway?"
by Alan M. Dershowitz

excellent response to that Norwegian ambassador.

I never know if you read Hudson-ny.org. Very easy to get auto- email of all their posts.


At 11:10 AM EDT, Blogger sophie said...

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