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Angry Arab, aka Prof. AbuKhalil, rejoices in the fact that not only is Samir Quntar not injured or dead but very much alive and holding his two day old baby boy in his arms. AbuKhalil approves of Samir Quntar. friend. Here is what he says:

"Israeli media and the lousy An-Nahar newspaper (the dying right-wing, sectarian Christian, racist anti-Syrian (people), anti-Palestinian (people)) carried rumors with jubilation that Samir Quntar was targeted in the explosion in the southern suburbs of Beirut a few days ago. Here he is (somewhere in a Beirut hospital) celebrating the birth of his son, `Ali, two days ago. (thanks B.)

PS If you meet Samir Quntar once, as I have, you realize that everything that Israel claimed about him was a flat out lie. But isn't lying the essence of Zionism--along with war crimes and racism?"*

Abu Khalil, who arrogates to himself the clairvoyance of impeccable judgment, tells us that he looked into Quntar's eyes and saw a good man.*

Let me
remind people who is Samir Quntar:

"...there is, in any case, a telling remark from Kuntar himself that may help others to decide what kind of a man he is. ... it is clear that killing civilians wasn't something that troubled him. He knew before embarking on the operation that led to the killing of Danny and Einat Haran that he and those he was with would be killing civilians; they saw every Israeli civilian as a 'soldier'. They admired those responsible for the attack on Ma'alot in 1974, when 21 Israeli children were killed. So much is, by now, merely par for the course. But Kuntar reveals a special sensibility in this passage, which does figure in the Guardian version:

Smadar [Einat's mother]... could not understand that it wasn't personal. I didn't come [from] Lebanon with a note that said 'Haran family.' I came as part of a conflict in which I was convinced I had to participate. I did what I did for my people, for my country. If I sit in jail for a hundred years, I will never change my opinions. This is what I believe.

(In the full version Kuntar adds, for good measure, that he didn't steal or break into a car.) The mother of the dead child does not understand; she takes it personally. And Kuntar cannot understand that."

Does the callous banality of the speaker's defence against the mother of the four year old Einat whose head he crushed with the butt of his rifle against a rock, does it remind you of someone else's defence?

So here we are told by a person who calls himself an Angry Arab that the person responsible for crushing a Jewish toddler's head against a rock because she was a "soldier" has been blessed by being given a baby boy.


*(You can see in this example, in a micro specific way, the way denial works. The atrocity this person committed is too horrible for any human being to grasp so AA assumes it can't be true. It must be all lies. Add to it that Quntar and AA share a sensibility of pan-Arab nationalism and an enemy, and then try to recall who and what exactly this prof reminds you of).


At 8:26 AM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for reminding us of the targets' names: Danny and Einat Haran. May they be at peace.

I came by to add this photo to your stash, the view from Gaza City's first five-star hotel, from the AP story today:

I hope the owners do ok - they started in 1998 when they thought peace and prosperity were actually going to happen.
But, kind of hard to imagine the attraction with no beer, no bathing suits, and a rocket launcher down the street...


At 10:57 PM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

this convoluted article was hard to understand - i don't like to assume too much - i like the author to state clearly his intentions in writing.

At 11:02 PM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

perhaps having his own child will give him a different perspective on life - Lord, show him how to Love (like You did us, even while we were your enemies). Give "both sides of the Mid-East struggle" a glimpse of your perspective .. and Your mercy & Love.


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