Thursday, September 29, 2011

Those horrible Israelis

Prof. Abukhalil writes about:

"Zionist perversions

"Bilal Tamimi (many of the village residents are part of the extended Tamimi family) said that soldiers often come to arrest villagers – including children – at night, a practice documented by B'Tselem, Defence for Children International - Palestine and other NGOs. But he said that, earlier this year, the army also came at night to photograph and record the identity details of children. He described what happened in his family:
"They came at 12.10am, and woke me up. They asked me how many children I have. They looked at my ID papers [where the children are listed] and asked me to wake up the two older ones, who are above 10 years. I said, they are sleeping. The soldiers said, wake them anyway. "They wrote down the numbers and took pictures of the boys. Then they said they could go back to sleep.""

It is indeed pretty scary and a damn nuisance to have your home invaded during the night by a bunch of soldiers and be compelled to disturb your kids' sleep at their pleasure.

Try searching the Professor's website for any mention of the way Palestinians invade and interrupt Jewish children's sleep and you will draw one big empty silence.


At 12:32 AM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Goldblog's Rosh Hashana haiku:

Thank you G-d for life
But enough with the U.N.
If You wouldn't mind

my haiku for your remembrance of the Fogel family:

Itamar pogrom.
always one more, more blood, more.
All should weep. I do.



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