Tuesday, October 18, 2011

So, is an Arab always a Terrorist*?

[*Just to clarify: The question is ironic and the answer is, to those who are ironically-deficient, of course not]

According to Prof. Abu-Khalil, the appellation "Arab" is, as per definition, interchangeable with "terrorist".

Here he is , throwing his daily tantrum:

"Killing Arabs in their bed

Can you imagine if a Muslim cleric spoke those words: "The Israel Defense Forces' former chief Rabbi criticized a prisoner swap deal that is due to set abducted IDF [...], saying on Monday that Israeli soldiers should from now on "kill terrorists in their beds.""

The rabbi, as you will notice, specifically said "kill terrorists in their beds." Abu-Khalil translates it for the dim reader who does not understand what a terrorist is as "Killing Arabs in their bed". Prof. Abu-Khalil, who calls himself an Angry Arab surely is something of an expert on what an Arab is.

If you think it was mere sloppiness on abuKhalil's part, here is another example, repeating the same synonymy between "Arab" and "terrorist":
"Netanyahu threatening blood: can you imagine if this language was used by Arabs? They would have said: look, they speak like Nazis

They do speak like Nazis: not all Nazis, like the worst Nazis, like Goebbels: " "Any released terrorist who returns to terrorism – his blood is upon his head." "Any released terrorist who returns to terrorism –
I often wonder whether prof. Abu-Khalil is on the payroll of the Mossad. He serves Israeli interests so brilliantly.


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