Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Poison Envy

Mark Twain explained anti-Semitism as "the swollen envy of pygmy minds." Apparently, he was right.

"Sign and Sight" provides the first English excerpt from historian Götz Aly's new book "Why the Germans? Why the Jews? Equality, Envy and Racial Hatred 1800 - 1933".

"In other words, the extent to which the latecomers were catching up reflected their own shortcomings in education and dexterity. These shortcomings were becoming embarrassing and could easily be concealed behind racial theory. A good example stems from the Leipzig student Curt Müller who in 1890 wrote a pamphlet on "Judaism among German students." There were two things he didn't like about his fellow students: they would do anything "to the point of self-sacrifice" for their fellow believers and that in terms of percentages there were "not nearly as many failed Jewish students as there were Germanic." And why? Müller of course had the answer. The Jews are "more hard working and assiduous – you have to give them that”, they "swot like mad at home": "like all money-loving tribes (…) the Jews eat modestly. Over a glass of beer the Jewish law student speaks about his studies far more than is necessary! He doesn't stop chattering and that impresses people. He understands rapidly but with no depth. Why should he? Like this he gets through his exams in the prescribed time, and Germany is blessed with another Jewish referendarius." Later on they earn fast money as doctors, lawyers and chemists! This is the sort of language that informs every second sentence in Müller's pamphlet, until he finally chimes in: "Stand up to the Jewish students with superiority and pride!" German racial pride fed exclusively on feelings of inferiority.

In 1922 Wilhelm Stapel published his book "Anti-Semitism" for the cultivated, middle-class Jew adversary. If it is determined, he wrote, that our own kind "is being confused to the point of discomfort by another intellectual being, then – the devil take me – I have the right to defend myself in my way, regardless how brilliant and illustrious this other mind may be." Ten years later Stapel spoke out in response to the question of why Jewish quick-wittedness was so bothersome: "There would be no anti-Semitism if the Jews were capable of keeping their mouths shut. They can do everything except keep their mouths shut." In his day this widely read popular philosopher ascribed marvellous qualities to the most inhibited German silences: "grace", "aristocratic nature", "refinement" and "depth"."


At 12:51 PM EST, Blogger bob said...

Noga, I can't post comments at eM's place for some reason. Might be my browser. I tried to post this at the Occupy Seattle post:

Great article eM.

I lived for a year, a long time ago, in Seattle, and well remember the many shades of drizzle, and also the enormity of the slugs.

My impression of Occupy London is quite similar, and I fear for them as the rain turns bad and people get even more bored.

On the "single passion", I was reading Ruth Wisse on the "suicidal passion" that is antisemitism, in the Weekly Standard (I'll try and find the link) and thought of you Noga.

I also thought of you when reading Sarah Gillespie's appalling "defence" of Gilad Atzmon, which starts with an... Ann Carson quote.

At 8:07 PM EST, Blogger The Contentious Centrist said...

Found it. Here is the quote:

"Herodotos is an historian who trains you as you read. It is a process of asking, searching, collecting, doubting, striving, testing, blaming, and above all standing amazed at the strange things humans do’ Poet and translator of ancient Greek, Anne Carson, Nox (2011) "

I am indebted to Gillespie for this because I was not aware that Carson has published a new book.

According to one review of the book, the poet later returns to Herodotos, in the voice of the historian: “I have to say what is said. I don’t have to believe it myself.”

I'd treatt he substance of Gillespie's defence in the light of that later qualification.

At 7:19 AM EST, Blogger bob said...

From the reviews I've read, Nox sounds like an extraordinary book.

Word verification for this comment: redsmox

At 5:30 PM EST, Blogger EscapeVelocity said...

The Socialism of Fools (Anti Semitism)

We want what those enterprising successful Jews (or Europeans) have. Redistribute their wealth and production. Equalize cultures and peoples via state power. Disempower these successful peoples and their culture via mass immigration and the promotion of the less successful, the backward, and the less productive.

Yes, the swollen envy of pygmy minds.

It's Western Leftwing political strategy to aggitate swollen envy of pygmy minds for votes and government action.

The mere fact that some group of people is more successful than another is explained entirely by nefarious doings, discrimination, and oppression....and none is attributed to the groups cultural meta-characteristics much less individual characteristics.

This is the ugliness of Western Leftism.


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