Wednesday, January 04, 2012

The Swollen Envy of Perverse Minds

I'm thinking of starting a regular feature under this heading. I often come across wonderful examples of this phenomenon, the swollen envy of pygmy minds, which is how Mark Twain defined antisemitism, but that can be appended and deployed in a variety of related or unrelated cases. Such a feature will act as a catch-all garbage bean.

And here is the first example today:

@ Simply Jews: A urine-soaked gloat from a urine-soaked creature

Norman Finkelstein on Christopher Hitchens:

When I first learned that Hitchens was diagnosed with an excruciating and terminal cancer, it caused me to doubt my atheism.

@ Prof. Abu Khalil's "News Service"
:Israeli team won the World University Debating Championships in the category of the English as a Second Language on Tuesday, securing the title for the second time in three years.

"Tel Aviv University students and brothers Omer Nevo, 26, and Sella Nevo, 22, traveled to Manila and brought home the gold as the first-place team and the first and second-place ESL speakers, respectively."

What did they have to do to win? Open their mouths? Or were the judges Americans? Or did they have to shoot their opponents and occupy their places?

And this, from the professor who teaches
political science at California State University, Stanislaus and visiting professor at UC, Berkeley:

"Public service annoucement [sic]
Please. If you are going to Tunis airport, wipe your feet well if you use the bathroom. Thanks."

If I did not read it with mine own eyes, I wouldn't be able to imagine it.


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Thanks for the link. And I see that I am kind of appearing (well, by proxy) together with the Pissed Cousin...


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