Saturday, April 28, 2012

Singing Israel       

Miriam Makeba - Erev Shel Shoshanim 

Twilight of roses

Let's go into the garden

Myrrh and frankincense

a carpet under your feet

Night is descending

and rose wind blows

In your ear I'll whisper

a rose melody love 

Shimon Israeli - Stam Yom shel hol (Just an everyday day) 

Just an everyday day

A bright blue morning

No special fete or dance

No trumpets or violins 

But a young girl smiled

as she passed by 

on her way to the beach

A flower in her hand

Matti Kaspi - Hine Hine (Here, here...)

Here here here is a melody

that starts low, in Mi-major

but wants to grow, wants to grow 

to La-major


Looking for an outlet

And here she is, 

climbing up up

I had no idea that she'd thrive and spread her wings

That she would soar, and get away

become cheeky and answer back...


Sixty years old

Someone painted red
Mount Gilboa’s head
The rooster’s call
Proclaims the day is here

Sixty years old opens her eyes
And puts on her shoes
A big day at the door
Coming up, her own day

At the door the big day,
Young and fresh
Irons her wrinkles
Erases the years

She is real, not a symbol
Not just a banner, or an emblemThe past is behind her
She looks to the future

She is a grandmother and mother
A grandchild and great grandchild
In short, she is a self-renewing cycle
Like the seasons

A summer wife, a winter wife,
A loving wife, a contentious wife
But deep in her heart
Always it is spring
Her callused hand
Rough like dry parchment
Gently caressing
Infinitely tender

Sixty years the calendar says
But in all the rest
She is hardly sixteen
Or even six years old…


Ofra Haza - Eli, Eli (A walk to Caesaria)

My God, My Own God
Let this never end
the sea, the sand,
the whispering water
the splendour of the sky
a pleading in the human heart



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