Monday, August 27, 2012

He is Outraged

Prof. AbuKhalil is shocked and outraged by the (real) news that

This is the same AbuKhalil who wrote this:

 "An Israeli set himself on fire to protest inflation.  I call on all Israelis to protest inflation."

Isn't he witty?  Isn't he rightoeous?


At 3:56 PM EDT, Anonymous Sarah AB said...

Noga - I am banned from Socialist Unity so I thought I'd just drop by to say hello and, well, commiserate.

At 4:11 PM EDT, Blogger The Contentious Centrist said...

Banned!? What did you do?

At 8:10 AM EDT, Anonymous Sarah AB said...

I believe my sins include:

opposing long sentence for someone who posted anti-Islam posters on his window (EVEN THOUGH I MADE IT CLEAR I THOUGHT HE SOUNDED HORRIBLE!)

Not opposing the creation of Israel, and generally not being anti-zionist.

Being associated with Harry's Place.


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