Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Sixth Deadly Sin

The prof. is pissed. Why? Because Israel keeps defying the image he wishes to impose on her. In this post he complains that Americans are inclined to regard Israel as a vibrant, decent democracy:

Israeli comedians are always funny, its poets are always talented, its writers are always brilliant, its politicians are always gifted, its people are always wonderful, its army is always humane even when butchering children, its courts are always fair even when ruling for apartheid, its women are always beautiful, its children are always cute, its culture is always vibrant, its diplomats are always skilled.
Here is the thing, though: Israeli comedians are not always funny,  Many of  its poets, but not all, are not necessarily very talented, many of its its writers are, but not invariably so, brilliant, its politicians are by no means always gifted, its people are not always wonderful (if they were, they would not be called Sabras, the thorny cactus fruit whose flesh is sweet bit somewhat pebbly to eat with comfort), its women are only almost always beautiful (what can you do? It's the mixtures of races and colours that produces this anomaly:).


Israel's diplomats are, unfortunately very often far from skilled, or even thoughtful, sometimes embarrassingly so.

Israel's army is indeed always humane; it does not butcher children.  That particular crime is reserved for Palestinian terrorists such as Hamas, and some of their Hizzbala terrorist supporters, whom Prof. Angry Arab finds very congenial.

 Israel's courts are always fair, and scrupulously so when they deal with grievances submitted by Palestinians from the West Bank. The term "apartheid" is bandied about by the good professor in the same way good and shrunken-hearted women refer to a good-looking sexy woman as a whore for no other reason than she is good looking and sexy.

In other words, the slurring judgment comes from envy, and envy, as you know, is not unaccountably designated as one of the seven deadly sins.

According to wiki,
 "Dante defined this as "a desire to deprive other men of theirs." In Dante's Purgatory, the punishment for the envious is to have their eyes sewn shut with wire because they have gained sinful pleasure from seeing others brought low. Aquinas described envy as "sorrow for another's good".

Mark Twain once defined antisemitism as "the swollen envy of pygmy minds.” The prof. may regard himself as clear of antisemitism, because he can spot an antisemite when he sees one*, and that is not him, but the output on his blog as regards Israel is quite commensurate with the staple marks of antisemitism, the three "S"es: Singling out, slandering, stalking.

The prof may imagine he has nothing against Jews. His main beef is with the Zionists. But after you subtract the Jews of Israel, Jews who support Israel, Jews who don't mind Israel's existence, Jews who are not actively or by inclination against Israel, you are left with one or two Jews he approves. And when he writes posts like this, having nothing to do with facts, or arguments, or history, or proper science, or thoughtful rational criticism, but only a wailing scream of pure hatred and frustration, then what else can you conclude?

* Note how the prof. is all too eager to recognize Sadat's antisemitism, but not this man's genocidal Nazi sympathies. Why? Need I ask?  Because Sadat made peace with Israel.

All right. Enough said.


At 5:43 AM EST, Blogger SnoopyTheGoon said...

"The prof. is pissed."

Aha! Soon the term "Pissed Cousin" will take roots.

P.S. Congrats with return from the Google limbo.

At 4:14 PM EST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

welcome back.

the new NR is hard to find, but followed the link to Judis on Hagelhearing, and glad to see you exposing the new NR for what it is.


At 9:27 PM EST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just saw you cancelled your sub -
and, as usual,irony just had to have the last word with you :)


At 5:58 PM EST, Blogger Ros said...

"Mark Twain once defined antisemitism as "the swollen envy of pygmy minds.” Don't forget August Bebel's aphorism that "antisemitism is the socialism of fools"

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