Sunday, May 26, 2013

AbuKhalil's Nightmare

What is AA's nightmare?  This:

Palestinian voices for compromise and prosperity:

"At the forum, a group of Israeli and Palestinian moguls announced a new business-led initiative called “Breaking the Impasse,” whose aim was to pressure their respective governments to pursue peace negotiations.

The group is led by a pair of billionaires, Israeli high-tech impresario Yossi Vardi and the Palestinian “Duke of Nablus,” Munib al-Masri, who made his first fortune in oil and gas, and now runs a holding company that owns hotels, mobile carriers and banks. Their goal is to leverage the collective clout of 300 business leaders who signed onto the initiative and persuade wary politicians to reach out for a two-state solution.

“We hear often of the extremists, but the majority is silent,” Vardi said. “We believe that most of the people want to get an end to this conflict.”

“We are worried by the status quo. We want to change the status quo,” said Al-Marsi, who added that the business leaders don’t have specific proposals, but want the two sides to enter into “real negotiations.”
This is what the professor who teaches young American students how to hate Jews at an American university in California has to say of these voices:
I wish that Munib Al-Masri would just shut up.  If he wants to dance and perform for the pleasure of the Israeli occupiers, let him do that, but not on behalf of the Palestinian people.
 For the deranged mind of AbuKhalil, anyone who speaks of peace and compromise between Israel and Palestine is a traitor. He dreams of total annihilation.


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