Friday, May 31, 2013

How to forget the Holocaust

Read this story:

"... the Muslim people living in the neighborhood voiced that creating such a memorial wouldn’t be acceptable.

On May 4th, National Memorial Day, the school had programs with many lectures about the war as well as an announcement made that the plaque would not be hung in fear that stones would be thrown through the school’s windows."
How to erase a people's history? Fear, intimidation, threats of violence, a sense of entitlement, distortion, slander, re-writing history, boycotting campaigns, etc etc.  
OK. But what can possibly be the Dutch school's justification for bowing to these modern-day Vandals?
It is not as if this development is a singular occurrence or happening in a void. Consider this story. And here is the video:

To re-phrase Heinrich Heine's warning about book burning, those who want to erase the memory of the Holocaust will one day erase (what is left of) the Jewish people.
O, Europa, Europa  ...


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