Sunday, May 19, 2013

I modestly beg to differ...

Looks like Al-Jazeera removed the diseased article by Joseph Massad from its pages. One could safely characterize this screed of sheer apoplectic hatred as the understated Arab equivalent of George Orwell's two-minutes of hate.

 AbuKhalil and AbuNimah fume and foam at the mouth at this step, attributing it to the uncanny power of the Zionists to effect editorial policies in a media outlet that has consistently and relentlessly and singularly been most hostile towards Israel. As I indicated elsewhere, I wouldn't get excited about any of this kerfuffle among those who compete for first prize on who hates the Zionists (Israeli Jews and anyone who doesn't hate them enough) most. They all understand each other all too well.

I do, however, have a different explanation for the removal of this article (؟)

It is my opinion that the editors of Al-Jazeera, in publishing this article, were not fully aware that its author premised his case on the fact that the Holocaust in which 6 million Jews were industrially exterminated by Nazi Germany (with the willing assistance of other European and non-European leaders) was indeed an event whose historicity could not be denied or doubted. This sort of claim flies in the face of  Arab ethos:

"The latest research on Arab attitudes to Nazi Germany shows that there were Arab and Muslim circles that were opposed to Hitler for political and ideological reasons, including the concern that the persecution of Jews in Europe would galvanize them to migrate to Palestine. But Arab support for the Nazis was more widespread, and there were Arabs who favored the annihilation of the Jews. Furthermore, over time, the more the Holocaust was used as a justification for the establishment of the State of Israel − the more the tendency among Arabs to view it as a Zionist myth and to deny it entirely grew. This trend reached a peak with the international conference of Holocaust deniers that was held in 2006 in Tehran."

Al-Jazeera is nothing if not extremely sensitive to the populist mood of the Arab street. Once the editors realized Massad's article bases its theories on the fact that the Holocaust unquestionably did take place, and that it affirmed that 6 millions of Jews were exterminated by the Nazis, they had no other choice but to remove it from its public platforms. To not do so would open the door to the possibility that someone might well wonder whatever happened to the standard Arab denial that the Holocaust ever took place, or if it did, that only 50-60 Jews were killed?

Update: May 21 2013:   Looks like AJ reconsidered its decision. And why not? Perhaps the fact that Massad is confirming that 6 million Jews were exterminated in the Holocaust can be obscured and downgraded by his thesis that it was the Zionists what did it, de facto. All the good Jews, who knew their place and what was expected from them, that AJ and Prof. AbuKhalil might have been able to tolerate were among those 6 million. In fact, all of those 6 million. For, as we know, for the people who engineer public opinion in the Arab world and beyond, there can only be one sort of a good Jew and that is a dead Jew.

You see?    I wonder if AbuKhalil's opposition to Holocaust denial can be seen as one tactic among others, a concern of his, to re-assure Arabs  that Jews are not that smart and powerful, and if it was done once it can be done again. Read his fantasies about the end of Israel-- it computes.


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