Sunday, May 19, 2013

Tsk, Tsk, such nefarious doings by Israel's cohorts in China

Please note the incontinent malevolence and the lurid innuendos embedded in the report:

 -(You can quote but please delete... they can really hurt him.)

- the Zionists have been active in buying scholars 

-he resisted opening an Israeli studies program since he saw it for what it is

-here is another angle for Zionist advocacy which is occurring through the Christian channels in China. Apparently the Isaeli Tourism Ministry is inviting the leaders of the Christian communities (of the evangelical variety) to visit the Holy Land.  of them end up being very supportive of Israel afterwards. 
Bad bad academic initiatives.  For Chinese students to learn Hebrew, read Hebrew novels and poems, learn about Israel's history ... all bad bad. A cabal. A conspiracy against Palestinians. Oh, the venality of it all. And watch out, "they"(!) can hurt him. Who's they? Hurt him how?  No names. No verifiable facts. All hearsay and vicious innuendo about a simple outreach by Israeli and Jewish-American academics. And this is from the academic mind a bona fide professor teaching American students at a university of good standing.

Remind you of something?

"With pleasure I say that the Stürmer, more than any other daily or weekly newspaper, has made clear to the people in simple ways the danger of Jewry. Without Julius Streicher and his Stürmer, the importance of a solution to the Jewish question would not be seen to be as critical as it actually is by many citizens. It is therefore to be hoped that those who want to learn unvarnished truth about the Jewish question will read the Stürmer."[4] [Allan Thompson, The media and the Rwanda genocide, IDRC, 2007, p. 334]

" According to Dennis Showalter, "a major challenge of political anti-Semitism involves overcoming the images of the 'Jew next door' — the living, breathing acquaintance or associate whose simple existence appears to deny the validity of that negative stereotype."[7] Der Stürmer's lurid content appealed to a large spectrum of readers who were lower class and less-sophisticated.[2] Der Stürmer was known for its use of simple themes that took little thought. Streicher attacks the Jews in three categories:[7] (wiki)

Compare and contrast, if you dare.


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