Saturday, August 31, 2013

Manufacturing  Slanders:

AbuKhalil's readership must be the most gullible, superstitious and conspiratorial-minded on the Internet. How else could he manage to sell them a factoid and its very opposite within the span of hours, and they would consume it without a query?
Prof. AbuKhalil  has been repeatedly insisting on his blog that Israel's concern about chemical weapons being used against its citizens is a lie and a propaganda ploy, presumably aimed at eliciting world sympathy for itself.

"Every few years, the Israeli government resorts to the gas masks propaganda scheme.  I mean, how many times are we supposed to be fooled?  Also, who threatened whom?  It was clear that Israel has been threatening Syria with military intervention and not vice versa.  For record."
If it is a lie and a ploy, then nobody in Israel is in any danger and in any need for a gas mask, right? 

No according to the professor. It seems that only Israeli Jews do not need these gas masks. When it comes to Palestinians, it appears that the prof. is convinced that they do need them
 gas masks in Israel: for Jews only 
From John:  "Just to let you know - regarding gas masks - that i am living in a Palestinian israeli village and have been asking people today if they have a gas mask - Judging by their responses, I think its safe to say that very few of Israel's 20% (mostly living in the north) have one."

One may well wonder: If AbuKhalil knows with such persistent conviction that Israel's gas mask  distribution is for show only, why would he even be concerned about Palestinians not getting gas masks? 

From The Jerusalem we learn that:

"The Israeli government only provides gas masks to legal residents of Israel. Tourist and temporary residents have to privately purchase gas masks.”
They also provided a list of places where people can buy the masks.
According to Home Front Command figures, as of this week only 60 percent of Israelis have gas masks."

It appears that abuKhalil's little incitement tricks are the lies. Israeli citizens and legal residents are eligible for free gas masks, whether they be Jew, Christian or Muslim, whether they be Arabs or Druze, or  Martian. An American Jew  on a visit to Israel is not eligible for a free gas mask.


At 2:46 PM EDT, Blogger SnoopyTheGoon said...

You worry about his readership - but what about his poor students?

Anyway, Shana Tova and all the best in the new year. Maybe that subject of yours will get eaten by his own bile finally.


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