Thursday, August 15, 2013

(because I couldn't find anything that can capture the perverseness of this phenomenon)

The hypocrite from the state university of California posted this sickening video on his website, with a title that implies he is horrified by the cold hearted murder of two Syrian youths by so-called "rebels". My suggestion is not to watch the video, just take a look at the post. It is truly disturbing. 

Try to find on AbuKhalil's blog anything at all that remotely resembles moral outrage when Israeli children are murdered, and in much gorier manner.

Consider AbuKhalil's record for the name "Fogel" on his "News Service". This is what you'll get.. 

If you search for "Itamar", this is what you'll get. Another thinly veiled slander that the murders were actually not perpetrated by Palestinians and only serve as a pretext to harass Palestinians.

It appears, and I am not making any solid propositions here, only impressions, that the professor is indifferent to the horrors visited upon Israeli children by Palestinian terrorists and their facilitators.  What does it mean?


At 4:42 AM EDT, Blogger SnoopyTheGoon said...

"the professor is indifferent to the horrors"

Just the opposite, methinks, the professor actively enjoys the horrors.


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