Tuesday, November 26, 2013

AbuKhalil's Tender Heart is Weeping Tears of Pain

Our hardy professor has a compassionate heart whose strings are tugged by the very idea of harm done to innocent people, even if the harm is wrought by their own leaders' evil machinations. Look how he expresses his moral outrage at the West's callousness in applying biting sanctions to nuclear-questing, genocidal-wannabe Iran:

Did you read the full text of the agreement with Iran? One of the "concessions" that Western governments made was in the permission to allow Iran to import parts for the civilian airliners.  There were plane crashes in Iran that have been attributed to the lack of spare parts.  This is the tenderness of Western values.

Ah, the humane humanism of the man! It shines through all that anger and piss.  There is not enough "human" in the English language to convey the depth of his anguish on behalf of suffering humanity:

 I was looking forward to the end of the world as it would have permitted me--even for a second--to witness the end of the Zionist entity over Palestine.

 On this day in 1187, Jerusalem was liberated by Arab armies.  There was no Obama or Bush to rescue the crusaders.  There will come a day when there will be no Obama or Bush to rescue the Zionists.  Stay tuned.

  But your delusions are good for us: you won't know what will hit you in the future in response to all the war crimes that you have committed against our people.  


At 2:50 PM EST, Blogger SnoopyTheGoon said...

Oh boy... the man's digestive tract must be shot to hell...

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