Thursday, December 19, 2013

She was called a monster for advocating a two state solution

Having read this statement on Emily L. Hauser's lachrymose farewell to Peter Beinart's soon to close down Open Zion blog:

"Anyone who’s ever advocated for two states knows what I’m talking about—they’ve been called all these things and worse, as Mira Sucharov attested in these pages just the other day. They’ve been made to feel alone and isolated within their communities and have often been threatened, from within their communities and without."
I decided to follow her on Twitter and challenge this gross perversion of reality and the prevailing position of Israel's society. I could not challenge her in the comments because, as I had reported here, I had been banned there weeks ago. A short exchange ensued and in four tweets I was blocked by the democratic and civil minded lady.

Here is the conversation:

Emily: For 25 yrs, I've been called a monster - tho what kind of monster varies. I like my company, tho: … #Israel #Palestine

Me: " Anyone who’s ever advocated for two states...’ve been called all these things and worse" Really? Anyone? Are you sure?

Me: OSS is codeword for Palestinian revenge (1st) & rejection of negotiations and peaceful solution (2nd)

Emily: maysoonzayid & I disagree on some pretty fundamental stuff, and yet we manage to be friends AND not call each other names. Imagine!

Me: Most civil (and even uncivil) people manage this minimal requirement, Emily, yet you consider it a mighty feat.

Emily: Someone finds it v important to tweet @ me *repeatedly* abt how wrong I am about how uncivil people can be re: Israel/Palestine. That's new.

Me: Interesting. I agree with you about fundamental stuff, and yet you cannot bring yourself to respond with civility. Conclusion?

Top of Form
Emily: My conclusion is two-fold: 1) You need to find the dictionary & look up "to hound a stranger" 2) I'm blocking you.

Me: Such wit. What is it with Open Zionists that they can't abide by their own professed and loudly-declared principles?


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