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The New Moral Frontier: It's not a lynch if the victim is a Jew 

In recent news: 

Two Israeli journalists covering Palestinian riots in Beitunua, near Ramallah, were attacked by masked Palestinian rioters on Friday.

The journalists, Walla Arab affairs analyst Avi Issacharoff and a cameraman, were attacked after a Palestinian woman claiming to be a journalist set the rioters on them, Issacharoff told Channel 10 News on Friday evening.
 The two were beaten by masked men and suffered bruising before being evacuated from the area by plainclothes Palestinian Authority security officers, who then transferred them to the custody of the IDF’s Civil Administration for Judea and Samaria.

Look how the BDS Angry-in-chief characterizes the near-goring of two Israeli journalists:
"... two Israeli journalists said they were nearly “lynched” by a Palestinian mob."  Today, I NEARLY invented a cure for cancer."
Now see how he characterizes similar (very few) incidents in the past when the victims were Arabs:

Zionism is a mass hate crime

lynching Arabs in Israel:

that Israelis habitually lynch Arabs,

This is Zionism: “Two Palestinians narrowly escaped a lynching attempt in Jerusalem Tuesday evening after they were assaulted by dozens of ultra-Orthodox Jews. The two Arabs were wounded, while a Jewish resident who protected them with his body was stabbed.” (thanks Rashid)
Posted on July 23, 2008 by As'ad

According to Haaretz, following the incident in Zion Square:
Four minors between the ages of 13-15, including one girl, were arrested on Sunday in connection with the attack at Zion Square, in which one victim was seriously injured and three others were slightly hurt.

Let's look at some records:

The professor says thathat Israelis habitually lynch Arabs,

 Googling " lynching of Arabs by Israelis" produced 409,000 results . 

I looked at the first 5 pages. There were lynching stories and near- lynching stories but only one  story about a "near lynching" of  Palestinian youths by Israeli-Jewish youth, the same incident I mentioned above.

Other lynching and near-lynchings stories were about Palestinians murdering or attempting to murder Israeli -Jews, one attempt to lynch a Palestinian family mistaken for Jews. ("She spoke to them in Arabic and only then did they understand that we ourselves are Arabs, and left us alone. I hit the gas and drove away as fast as possible.” According to him, the youth clearly mistook them for Jews: “Me and my wife look Jewish, even the police officer who arrived said ‘at first sight I was sure you were Jews.")

Then there are other Arab-on-Arab lynchings, like this one:

They had been "caught red-handed," working for Israel, and so were executed.
According to the Associated Press, who also photographed the grisly spectacle, masked Hamas gunmen had forced the six men suspected of collaborating with Israel to lie face down on the street, then shot them dead. Later, while an angry mob stomped and spat on five of the bodies, the sixth was tied to the back of a motorcycle. “Spy! Spy!” the people screamed as the corpse was dragged off.

There are websites where one can find accounts of these lynchings that ended in death. All you need is to look for them.

But I think in view of these records  we will be justified in puckering our brow at Prof. As'ad AbuKhalil's manner of reporting gory near-murders and lynches. And we may wish to ask the respectable Professor who teaches young Americans at a bona fide good university in the US:

Why does he claim that "Israelis habitually lynch Arabs," when the record shows that it is Palestinians who seem to be unable to resist lynch-mobbing lusts?

Why does he belittle the serious near-lynching of Israeli journalists when not too long ago he referred to a violent clash among youths as a lynching, and extrapolated from this lie that Israel is in the habit of lynching Arabs?

One would be forgiven for concluding that for the venerable, justice-loving professor, it is almost as if the murder of an Israeli Jew is a normal occurrence, only to be expected, nothing to be exercised about.  His justice juices begin to flow furiously only when an Arab is killed (or almost killed) by a Jew.

He has no inclination for law and justice when Palestinians are summarily lynched for the suspicion of collaborating with Israel:

According to the West, those collaborators should be respected and their freedom of movement ensured because such are the rules of Western freedom of expression.  I can say this: Palestinian treatment of collaborators over the years has been far less brutal and indiscriminate than French resistance treatment of Nazi collaborators.  There is no question about that."

So we see a professor who is in charge of forming the minds of future generations of Americans, promoting, on his well-attended website, distortions of historical, easily-verifiable records, perversions of notion of justice, contempt for human life, justifications for murder and valorization of gory revenge as a reasonable recourse of action.

Of course he is not a man of peace. As can be evidenced from the most cursory perusal of his "news" service. This is the man whom universities trust with educating the young. This is what a BDS mover and shaker looks and sounds like.

Make no mistake: The BDS movement reflects this man's values. 

He tries, here, to put some distance between himself and the BDS movement, as if it does not go far enough:

"I count myself as BDS supporter, advocate, and even spokesperson but I am categorically against the existence of the State of Israel"

However, as we see from the quote he provides from Norman Finkelstein  he is fully aware that there is no light between his position and that of BDS:

"... the BDS movement “think they are really clever” by covering up their real intentions when they call for a “three-tier” agenda of ending the occupation, demanding the right of return for all Palestinian refugees and equal rights for all Arabs in Israel. “You know and I know what the result is. There is no Israel!” he said."

" I am categorically against the existence of the State of Israel", says the self-proclaimed
"BDS supporter, advocate, and even spokesperson". Which is exactly what Finkelstein claims is the goal of the BDS movement: "There is no Israel!” 

It all hangs together, the subhumanization of Israelis and the avowal to have Israel eradicated.
People who support BDS should know what it is they are supporting.


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