Monday, October 20, 2014

Spinoza opines about Muslims in his Theological-political Treatise:

“In this the Turks have achieved the greatest measure of success. They hold even discussion of religion to be sinful, and with their mass of dogma they gain such a thorough hold on the individual’s judgment that they leave no room in the mind for the exercise of reason, or even the capacity to doubt.”

Turks in Spinoza's Europe would be generally understood as referring to Muslims since the Ottomans were the most influential Muslims in Europe at the time.


At 7:47 PM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello - did I just see your comment on opera at TAI-wrm?

If so, very insightful.

I forget how to comment there - does it require a subscription?

The comment threads can be fun.

Even more so if you are there!


At 10:05 PM EDT, Blogger The Contentious Centrist said...

If you mean the one about Klinhoffer then yes, that was moi.

Hope you are well.

I don't post much on my blog these days. Too busy with twitter and things!

At 10:03 AM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, your screen name at TAI was good clue :)

I am following the Kurds story, interesting that suddenly the BBC and Guardian are most reliable sources when it is the Kurds.

not really sure what Spinoza meant about the Ottomans, but probably not relevant to the Erdoganworldview.

hope all is well



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