Saturday, October 04, 2014

Frederick Forsyth: Why is Israel demonised yet again? 

But as always there is another, less publicised activity going on. Whatever one thinks of the policies of Premier Netanyahu - and there are many Israelis and Jews who deplore them - it is the Arabs who are now ripping the Middle East apart in blood and pain. As always the most piteous victims of adult madness are children.

Without propaganda or slogan-shouting Israeli doctors are performing scores of operations on wounded Syrian children as they are brought across the border by their devastated parents. In the operating theatres where the surgeons work for nothing no one mentions "Arab" or "Jew" - or cares.

The injured children mostly come across the Golan Heights border where Syria and Israel abut. Saudi Arabia and Qatar are creaking with oil wealth and providing the anti-Assad rebels with tons of lethal weapons but I have yet to hear of a children's hospital set up on the Syrian-Jordanian border with Gulf money.

The simple truth is that there is no pain the Israelis have ever visited upon the Arabs that comes within 1,000 miles of the horrors the post-Ottoman Arabs of the Middle East have inflicted on each other.

I wonder why the BBC never mentions this. There must be a good reason. It can't be bias can it? Perish the thought.


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