Tuesday, December 09, 2014

I left the following comment here but as usual with such "media outlets" they have draconian censorship  that cannot take what the site itself dishes out so generously*:


Incident started when Palestinian shabab were doing what they always do, throw rocks at Israeli cars. These two Israelis (how do you know they are "settlers", BTW? If you consider all Israelis settlers by virtue of just being an Israeli and a Jew, you should inform your readers of this meaning which is not immediately clear to Israelis or your average readers) reacted in the way most harassed human beings anywhere in the world would, by being angry and attempting to reciprocate in kind. This behaviour, acting out of anger, is always stupid and dangerously stupid in cases like this. How do they know it was not a trap to lure them into a situation in which they would be assaulted and lynched? Another point: when acting stupidly, people lose all good judgment and do bad things, like trying to take their frustration on innocent by-standers.  Those poor eggs haven't done anything, were not complicit in endangering a driving car or the people inside it. Furthermore, smashing them caused financial damage to the man who delivered them and who had absolutely nothing to do with the cute rock-throwing Palestinian youths. Like I said, anger makes people very stupid and often mean and irrational, but it's no excuse.

And very stupid is the attempt in this article to depict this incident the way it did when the video tells a different line of narrative.

On the other hand, maybe the swollen, one-sided, demonizing tale of settlers violence against Palestinians is so popular that facts and accuracy are not really a principle that matters. All is fair in love and war is the underlying thinking in this tale and we are in love with Palestinians and at war with perfidious (Israeli) Jews, aren't we? Good versus evil, with evil instantly labelled as "settlers". Nice work.

As a parting thought, when they come for the Jews in Israel (judging from the touchingly compassionate comment by "Marnie", such a day will come) noone will pause to wonder who is the Jew and who is the exceptional good Jew.


*Checking again 4 hours after posting comment: comment appeared. 


At 2:01 PM EST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

yet, there is now an expose of how the media reinforces the false narrative whenever the topic is Israel:


of course, most of the media bloviating this week is over the death of TNR, not Matti Friedman's expose.

and then there was Nafatli Bennett's verbal joust with Martin Indyk at the Saban Forum last week.

ok, back to watching the ice storm...

Happy Hannukkah!


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