Friday, January 09, 2015

Beinart's impaired sense of irony

Peter Beinart's tweeted complaint:
"Watching @FoxNews you would literally think rest of American media is portraying Charlie Hedbo killers as victimized + misunderstood".

Peter Beinart's first response to Paris murders (a few minutes after news of the massacre broke out):

"... France has a very large Muslim population, larger proportionally and in raw numbers than its neighbors. It's also done a relatively poor job of integrating its Muslim population into the larger society. There were riots several years ago in largely Muslim and immigrant areas around Paris.
So you have this combustible mix of this very toxic global Salafi jihadist ideology, with a lot of people who just have the same kind of resentment that people who are poor, unemployed, maybe [f]eel some degree of racism. "


At 1:45 PM EST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"...The radicalization of French youth is hardly a recent phenomenon. For 15 years, the anthropologist Dounia Bouzar has been studying the issue. She has observed that a growing number of young French have found refuge in religion because, as Bouzar says, "reality no longer offers them a future." ..."

It was the phrase "reality no longer offers them a future." that really spoke to me, except I was thinking of all the over 50 Americans whose reality = NO JOB EVER AGAIN because of blatant ageism.

I know the Beinarts (who for some reason are still published) only think a bleak reality is based on skin color. The curse of 'identity politics', and the Beinarts getting to create whatever reality they want.

These Beinarts never had to process being told the losing one's job was no big deal, because, after all, 'all Jews are rich'.

what a world, what a world...

At 4:49 PM EST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

from India's media, the reporting on two Malians in Paris' Hyper Cacher grocery store:

p.s. it was the president of Mali marching next to PM Netanyahu in Paris today


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