Monday, March 09, 2015

The Magic of Words

Obama's trust in the power of his words to make Iran and other rogue regimes behave reminds me of the following tale:

A British rag used to publish sensational novels in weekly serialized installments. The story was written from one week to the next and only the author knew how he was going to resolve the knotty problems that he had set up himself in the week before.

On one such occasion, the author, ended his weekly chapter in a cliff hanger situation, with his protagonist hanging with both hands in a pit, snakes snipping at feet, on one side a roaring lion, on the other side two crooks with their guns aimed at him. 

  The following week he didn't show up with the next chapter. As he was a known lush, everyone suspected that he had gone on one of his drinking binges. The editor appealed to his other writers to provide the necessary installment but they were all stymied. They had no idea how to get the hero out of the pit, and away from the menacing snakes, lion and killers. The paper was issued with an apology to the readers for missing that week’s episode.

Finally the author showed up. Everyone flew at him, yelling angrily and predictably, at a complete loss as to how he was going to resolve the situation.

What's the hullabaloo? shrugged  the author. He inserted a sheet of paper into the typewriter and began to type:

"Once out of the pit, our hero..."


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