Thursday, May 07, 2015

Conversation with  "Peace in our time " True Believer

 “Absolute faith corrupts as absolutely as absolute power.” ― Eric Hoffer

An example in how shallow is the knowledge and understanding of a presumably Jewish  pro-Palestinian, Peter Beinart-BDS-style admirer. He cannot prove even one claim he makes by some kind of verifiable quote, fact or record but insists he knows the truth.

“Netanyahu’s public renunciation of a 2-state solution during his campaign is shared by the vast majority of his new cabinet - @jstreetdotorg”
Twitter Conversation ensues, re-formatted here for more comfortable reading but can be verified here:

I: Any sane person in Israel knows there can be no 2SS as long as Palestinians insist on RoR (code for no Israel)

Ron:  In 2008, before Netanyahu killed the peace process, Palestine's leaders were willing to compromise on a Right of Return.

I: (2011) Palestinian "statehood “will never affect the right of return for Palestinian refugees”

Ron: You read something in a Lebanese newspaper, so it must be true, it must be the voice of God. No, it isn't.

I: That's not a very coherent response. He's an official representative of PA speaking to a sympathetic audience in Arabic.

Ron:  The voice of God is one thing, something reported in a Lebanese newspaper is not as credible as you seem to believe.

I: What's God have to do with this discussion? DailyStar is a reliable enough source, the speaker is an official representative.

I: I'm not preventing you from proving in 2008 PA was willing to renounce RoR. Surely you have some reliable source for that?

Ron: A deal between Israel and the Palestinians was easily within reach before Netanyahu killed the peace process.

Ron: Because Israel has such an extremist government, Israel must make a gesture before Palestinians respond in kind.

I: You can't provide more than platitudes, because your position are faith-based, not fact-based. …

Ron: It is not worth my time to do research to support what I wrote to you.Proving it to you would have extremely little payoff.

I: The time to research is BEFORE getting stuck in a position. Sounds to me you can't really support any of your premises.

This is called the sour grapes fallacy, my good man: /image…  

Ron: I concluded that there is no convincing you, and that even if I did convince you, it would make no real difference.

I: Conclusion is that unless you support this statement: … with any reliable quotes, it is a fantasy

Ron: I wrote to you what I know to be true. I also explained why it would be a waste of my time to do research to find proof.

I: What YOU know to be true doesn't translate into "it is the truth". Clearly you think it is a waste of time to find the truth

 Ron: It is a waste of time to convince you of the truth, for reasons I already explained to you.

 I:  You can't convince by claiming the truth of " because I say so". Who do you think you are, Jeremiah?

At which point, Ron decided to block me from his twitter life.   Case closed.


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