Friday, October 14, 2016

Sticks in his Craw:
Bob Dylan, the Nobel Prize and  Arab displeasure

Even if the Jews have not all been geniuses,their general average of intelligence and intellectuality is far above our general average--and that is one of our reasons for wishing to drive them out of the higher forms of business and the professions.
It is the swollen envy of pygmy minds--meanness, injustice.

(Mark Twain)


Asad Abukhalil, "Angry Arab News Letter",  professor of political science at California State University, Stanislaus, has a different theory as to why Bob Dylan was awarded the Nobel prize for Literature this year:

"Did Bob Dylan win the Nobel Prize in literature for this poem [The Neighborhood Bully]?

He wrote this after the Israeli invasion of Lebanon in 1982, when Dylan--who admired Meir Kahane--supported Israeli war crimes and massacres."

I'd also have liked to believe this song played a pivotal role in the decision of the Nobel committee but it's unlikely. However, I do derive a certain perverse pleasure  from imagining that this selection sticks in Angry Arab's craw to the point of incontinent vomiting.

This walking incarnation of ugliness, Arabofascism, and implacable irredentism, teaches young students on how to read texts and historical events. And then you wonder about the condition of American society these days.


At 7:19 PM EST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Been thinking of you since seeing "Pride & Prejudice & Zombies"

Not being a fan of the zombie genre, took several tries, but worth it. not sure about the sequel...but actress Lily James certainly did Lizzie Bennet proud.

As for the USA? Once Schumer 'endorsed' Keith Ellison for DNC chair, decided the leadership of Democratic Party are actual zombies.

along with too many college students, thoroughly brainwashed by professors.

Always appreciated your presence in the past, just want you to know.

Dylan is a Zionist. Did anyone in Norway know?

At 9:09 AM EST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

A song in memory of the great poet Nathan Alterman


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