Saturday, December 10, 2016

What's the difference between Far-Right antisemitism and Far-Left antisemitism?

Far-Right antisemitism is hatred and fear of Jews qua Jews, all Jews.

Far-Left antisemitism is hatred of what they call Zionists, those 98% of world Jews who either live in Israel or support Israel, or have no problem with the idea and  existence of a Jewish state. 

What makes it possible for Far Left Antisemitism to claim they are not antisemitic is the (possibly) 2%* of Jews who don't support the Jewish state. 

If there are 13M Jews in the world,
Far Right antisemites hate all 13M of them.
Far Left antisemites hate "only" 12,740,000 of them.

So what is the difference between Far-Right antisemitism and Far-Left antisemitism?

Far Left antisemites believe they have a really good reason to hate most of the Jews, unlike Far Right antisemites who are much less bothered to look for good reasons to hate Jews.

 * It's quite possible that I've exaggerated on the side of caution the percentage of Jews who don't favour Israel.


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Far right? in the USA, they seem to be RonPaul believers in the Protocols. In 2012, the clue was they always focused on the Federal Reserve being owned by foreign bankers, implying "Rothschilds"

The now-named ALT-Right is NOT attacking Jewish students on college campuses for being Jewish. That is the CTRL-Left through SJP:

Both sides will be confused by this:

“They prefer someone who hates Islam to an administration that loves Iran,” said one high ranking Mideast diplomat, in a less-diplomatic comment that was echoed by many at the Atlantic Dialogues ( in Marrakech, here to debate the security of African, Mideast and European nations and their ties to the U.S.
Kimberly Dozier 12 17 2016

The anti-Semitism of both extremes is real, but the far left gets physical, and is publicly accepted in the wasteland known as America higher education.



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