Monday, July 31, 2006

Following the Qana disaster, a great many denunciations against the Jewish State were voiced for having killed nearly 60 innocent civlians, including 37 children, in its attack against a Hizzballa position at Kafr Qana, in South Lebanon.

Ben Kaspit, in the Israeli Daily Ma’ariv today, proposes that Israel’s Prime Minister make a clear and poignant speech, explaining in very simple, unambiguous terms the realities faced by Israel. This is just an excerpt:

A mammoth terrorist infrastructure was created by Iran right on our border, menacing our citizens, growing bigger and stronger in front of our very eyes, waiting for the moment that the Ayatollahs’ country becomes a nuclear power in order to bring us to our knees. Make no mistake; we will not be alone. You, leaders of the enlightened world, will follow soon after us.

So today let’s put an end to this carnival of hypocrites. I recall no such reactions from you when 100 civilians are murdered daily in Iraq, Sunnis murdering Shi'ites, Shi’ites murdering Sunnis and all are killing Americans. And the world stands voiceless. And I find it hard to recall similar reactions when the Russians flattened entire villages and set fires to large cities in order to suppress the Chechen insurgency. Or when NATO bombed Kosovo for nearly three months, decimating the civilian population. Then you were silent. So what is it about us, the Jews, the persecuted few, which stimulates all these cosmic justice glands? What have we got that the others haven't ?


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