Sunday, July 30, 2006

Israel at War:

I'll try to bring a diversity of opinions from the Israeli Press, some of which I'll translate from Hebrew:

Yossi Beilin in Ma'ariv today:

Whoever thought that Israel could unilaterally lead its policy vis a vis Lebanon or Gaza was mistaken. Military steps have to be accompanied by relentless efforts to reach an agreement, because only an agreement ensures that there will be a recognized accountable address we can apply to…

The military campaign alone will not get us to the goals the government set for itself. Even a significant ground offensive will not get us there. It is essential to conclude a ceasefire agreement. ..The Olmert government must make every effort to bring about a ceasefire.
The government must put an end to the exposure of Israelis in the rear. We must try to make the best of the new circumstances or the world will never forgive us for harming civilians. Life must be returned to normal before the cost in blood gets too high.

(An excerpt, translated by Noga)


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