Sunday, September 03, 2006

Here is a somewhat unusual proposition (pun!) fo solving the problems in the Middle East.

The solution to the problems in the Middle East. Limor Degani, an Israeli stripper who is also a teacher of Arabic, proposes a way to solve the conflict between the two countries by love and sex,

As every diplomatic factor in the international community is striving to find new ways to solve the crisis between Lebanon and Israel following the recent war, there is, apparently, a way out. Limor Degani found it.

Limor, who arrogates to herself the position of a Priestess of Sex, has much more original, nevermind alluring, ideas to solve the Middle East problems. And because she is so confident that her ideas will work, last weekend she sent a letter to the Lebanese Prime Minister, Mr. Fouad Siniora in which she described her proposal in her impeccable Arabic (she is after all an Arabic teacher):

Dear Prime Minister, Greetings,

Please accept my best wishes. I’m writing this letter in order to improve the relationship between Lebanon and Israel. I think we can discuss the status quo in the region and reach a settlement to resolve the crisis through love and sex.

Sincerely, with all my warmest wishes,



It's a bit difficult to fully understand Ms. Degani's intentions. It's a very general idea. How would she go about it? What are the specifications of steps leading up, and leading up to.. what, exactly?


In keeping with the spirit of sexy Israel, here are two very very shorts:


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