Wednesday, November 01, 2006

When Michael Ignatieff made his unfortunate comments about Israel's "war crimes" in Qana, Lebanon, I sent him an email letter which I quoted here in full on October 13, 2006.

A day later, I added another post in which I acknowledged Mr. Ignatieff's more judicious and responsible correction on his earlier gaff. Enough to earn me the wrath of a poster in my attached message board calling me a jellyfish for doing so.

Todate I got no response from either the honorable Mr. Ignatieff or even some recognition from some minor staff member, that my grave concerns about the direction Mr. Ignatieff seems to take gained the least bit of attention from that entourage with its aspirations for political power. instead, I got a letter from the Liberal Party of Canada asking me for a donation for a party I had just protested against for its unjust criticism of Israel's actions, unchecked, unverified.

Apparently, my only importance to the letter readers of Ignatieff's head office lies in the potential to get a $25 donation from me. What does it mean? Will my complaint be more deserving of a response after I have to donated some money? What conclusion am I supposed to draw from this coincidence?

I could not help but make a tangential connection to what Beryl Wajsman says here about math, numbers and cynical calculations and their place in shaping the moral horizon of a the Canadian Liberal political party:

"Well, one could be forgiven for asking if he himself hadn't done some homework ­ in math. Principles be damned when numbers are at stake. Seven hundred thousand Muslims in Canada. Only 350,000 Jews. And a good number of those Muslims who live in Montreal (where the leadership convention will be held) happen to live in and around Mr. Coderre's riding. No, couldn't be. I'm adding 2+2 and getting five. Right? Wrong!"

Misrepresentations, distortions, mistakes, blood excuses and numbers appear to have been introduced into what should have been a pristine moral clarity of the "The Party of None is Too Many".

For shame, Mr. Ignatieff! I did so believe in what you have been writing in your books!


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