Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Depressing news from Israel:


"Tel Aviv Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday convicted Ramon, 56, for forcibly embracing and kissing a female soldier in July. "

This, only a few days after Israel's President stepped down, in the midst of a sex scandal involving charges of rape, no less.

"JERUSALEM: Israel's attorney general has told President Moshe Katsav to move out of his official residence in Jerusalem while he takes a leave of absence to fight off accusations that he committed rape and other crimes, media reported Wednesday."

For what it is worth, I can't pretend to be too surprised or shocked. None of these persons had ever inspired the least bit of respect . Their ascendancy through the political echelons has never been a mystery. Politics appears to be, to a large extent, a dumping ground for ethically and intellectually challenged persons who nevertheless suffer from great ambition. A most unfortunate combination.

As for these two, they seem to have been so shielded from recognizing what is and is not allowed in civilized society that they thought they could actually get away with these deeds. Or they were deluded by the lure of their own high office to imagine that their great status alone would safeguard them from the consequences of their rampant lasciviousness. And just at a time when it is crucial for Israel's future that the best and finest should consider serving the people in politics, these cases will surely present yet another reason why not take that road.

I've spoken to my friends and family in Israel who are beyond depressed at these revelations and scenes. Israelis are reselient and forebearing when they come under terrorist attacks and wars but they appear completely demoralized and shamed when they witness corruption and criminality in their leaders.


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