Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Looks like the Montreal Lebanese are faltering behind their Lebanese compatriots who actually live in Lebanon.

In Montreal (renamed "Quebecistan" by National Post Columnist Barbara Kay) "all are Hizzbala", including Bloc Quebecois chief Gilles Duceppe, Liberal MP Denis Coderre, PQ chief Andre Boisclair, and Amir Khadir, spokesman for the new far-left provincial party, Solidarite Quebec.

Meanwhile, in Lebanon, they are wishing for a big boat to carry away their leaders, as they are singing and dancing with the joy of the very thought that all their leaders are away. Paradise here, at last!

A thank you nod to Gene, from Harry's Place, for inspiring a crooked smile.


Ah, well, since I was already in MEMRI, I thought I'd browse it for a bit. Here's an interesting piece of Islamic science, concerning the accuracy of universal time and its impact on the vigour of the human body:

Interviewer: Before the break, we talked to Dr. Abd Al-Baset about the centrality of Mecca, and about the importance of measuring time according to the latitude of Mecca, and not according to the latitude of Greenwich... Why is it?

Abd Al-Baset Al-Sayyid: It has been proven that there is a certain discrepancy if we calculate it according to Greenwich. This discrepancy has been estimated as 8.5 minutes between the northern and southern hemispheres.

Interviewer: How much?

Abd Al-Baset Al-Sayyid: 8.5 minutes. Air traffice cannot be organized this way. They are aware of this, and so they try to change it.

Interviewer: Really?

Abd Al-Baset Al-Sayyid: Yes. If they calculated time according to Mecca, it would be the same in the northern and southern hemispheres.

Interviewer: Surely they know this...


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