Monday, January 29, 2007

The so-called Left appears to be short of role models. What other reason could there be for the lionization of Hizzbulla in different parts of the democratic world, such as Canada and Britain?

(Hat tip: Normblog)

Dissent magazine features Eugene Goodheart's scathing critique of an LRB article by Charles Glass, which glorifies the Hizzballa in a manner that, as Norm says, borders on the scandalous.
Eugene Goodheart is a Professor of Humanities Brandeis University. Here is his short summary of Glass's article, highlighting the choicest parts. I had to read twice in order to make sure I read it correctly:

"In an article by Charles Glass, Lebanon’s Hezbollah is eulogized for its capacity to learn from mistakes, its decency in treating prisoners, “its refusal to murder collaborators,” its intelligent use of “car bombs, ambushes, small rockets and suicide bombers.” Glass speaks of Hezbollah’s uncompromising political program, of which he apparently approves, without mentioning that at its core is the destruction of Israel. Any two-state solution requires a capacity and willingness to compromise, but compromise is anathema to Hezbollah. He claims that the movement had “jettisoned its early rhetoric about making Lebanon an Islamic republic, and [now] spoke of Christians, Muslims and Druze living in harmony.” Missing from this article (in the August 17, 2006, issue) is any reference to its anti-Semitism. "

Brandeis University brings instantly to mind President Carter's dog and pony show there just last week. But even without this sorry event having taken place, I would have been instantly reminded of Carter's thesis, which mirrors Glass's in its bathetic sentiment as well as its skewed morality.


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