Thursday, February 01, 2007

And back to the here and now, impossible to forget reality:

Via Harry's Place :

The Community Security Trust's annual survey of antisemitic incidents directed against Jews, in 2006.

And here is an illustration of what the Muslim world is watching.

David Rich analyses and explains here.

"It would be facile, though, to interpret this as meaning that Israel “causes” antisemitism: trigger events do not create antisemitic incidents out of a vacuum. They act as a spark for pre-existing prejudice, or to provide an outline for expressions of bigotry, rather than being the original cause of the hatred. So the person who is moved to send hate-mail to their local synagogue because of a war in Lebanon, may be different from the person who abuses a Jewish neighbour because they are angry about the jailing of David Irving; but the dynamic for each is the same, and the prejudice already existed in both.

The increasing congruence of antisemitic and anti-Zionist discourse on different parts of the political spectrum is mirrored on the street. The person who shouts “Sieg Heil” and does a Nazi salute at a passing Jew is just as likely to be black or Asian as to be white. The swastika has been appropriated by anti-Zionists as a symbol of abuse for Israel. Equally, it is wrong to assume that people whose antisemitism is energized by anger at Israel are exclusively Muslim or Arab. There is a genuine melting pot of antisemitic themes and language, evidence that in a world of instant global communications, what happens on the political extremes reaches right down to non-political, everyday street prejudice.

The bastardisation of the word ‘Zionism’ is central to all of this. It has been stripped of meaning and refashioned into the new, post Holocaust, antisemitic definition of the word Jew. It has become an empty vessel, into which every hatred and paranoia can be – and is – poured. There is no barrier to prevent hatred of Israel slipping into hatred of Jews, which it does all too easily.


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