Friday, February 23, 2007

Antisemites' Cognitive Dissonance:

As per Karl Pfeifer's article posted here, some interesting comments follow:

"I suppose everyone has noticed the graffiti: 'Viva Palestina Libre', and 'Judios Go Home' -presumably to 'Palestina'. The paradoxical nature of antisemitism and certain strains of Venezuelan anti-Zionism. "

"Chavez has also met with Nasrallah and has expressed his support for Hezbollah. The Argentian government believes that Hezbollah is behind the bombing of a Buenos Aires Jewish Community Center. This is all very worrying and is completely ignored by the left."

"Yeah - "Jews go home", "Viva Palestine" - where were they expecting the Jews to "go home" to? Reminds me of what Amos Oz said a few years back - that in the early 20th century, the rallying cry among European anti-Semites was "Jews go to Palestine", whereas now it's "Jews get out of Palestine". According to some people, Jews don't seem to "belong" anywhere."

"Evan, it really happened in 1967 when Arab students demonstrated in Budapest and shouted in the street "Jews out of Palestine". Some old Non-Jewish members of the communist party went to Kádár and told him, in 1939 the arrow cross people shouted "Jews to Palestine" now Arabs shout "Jews out of Palestine". Kádár gave order and all Arab demonstrations against Israel were banned from the streets. They could only protest in places closed to the general Hungarian public."

This sort of cognitive dissonance between one demand and its direct opposite is not only typical of the confusion of antisemitic thinking. I remember someone advocating Israel's legitimacy and right for security while at the same breath maintaining that Britain (or the Europeans) should apologize to the Palestinians for the creation of Israel.

Something about Jews, and Israel, a Jewish state, causes people's logical compass to get all screwed up.


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