Monday, February 19, 2007

Nassralah is depressed, according to Yoni the blogger. Here is a second opinion.

I remember to visit Yoni's blog about one a week or so. I am not a great fan because his opinions are too harsh too often. For example, while I share his grave concern about the quality of Israel's leadership, I can't stand characterizations of this type here:

"So Olmert leaves office and Israel has elections and we have a new Prime
Minister wo is part of the gang of cowards, scum and traitors and are in the
Knesset, what have we solved?"

Referring to elected MK's as "scum" is not exactly conducive to good analytical thinking or to inspring respect towards this body. Surely language is rich enough in words to describe the much deserved loathing provoked by the likes of Ramon and Tibi without resorting to gratuitous vituperation!


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