Saturday, February 17, 2007

Found this refreshing outlook from Iranian intellectuals about the Holocaust Denial conference:

"Iranian intelligentsia in diaspora unite against revisionism"

On the same blog, I also found this review concerning President Carter's glorious past which too many people on the Indecent Left like to ignore today. Like the subject of the article, they prefer to simply remove from history any fact that does not sit well, or cannot be made to conform with their less-than-hidden agenda...

It kind of makes the whole inshalata triply ironic, since Carter's latest book about "Palestine's Apartheid" really hints at the same mindset that produced the Holocaust Denial conference. Ahmadinejad, in his student days, was a mover and shaker of the American Hostage Crisis in Tehran when Carter was the American president. Today, Carter's revisionism is joined by the brainchild of the now President of Iran, who happens to be the same man, in what ultimately amounts to an assault on Israel's legitimacy . See what I mean about the ironies of history? Isn't it simply wonderful to observe such unlikely rivals reunite, and where, if not around and about Jews? They both share the same insouciant, endearing smile, the utter faith in their respective Gods, the absolute conviction that they are just right, as though by decree! And those who will challenge and rebutt their ridiculous claims are just out to silence free debate and genuine freedom of speech!

The proximity of the recent onslaughts on Israel and by-association, Jews, has been noted by others, as in here, here and here.


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