Monday, February 19, 2007

Jimmy Carter Update, here too:

If former President Jimmy Carter was a university
professor engaged in scholarly research, he’d be laughed off campus. Carter
apparently doesn’t have enough faith in his own work to defend it.

In making the speaking tour rounds to promote his book,
Carter has insisted on carefully controlled situations, with little or no
opportunity for critics to confront him on the book’s conclusions. That led 11
faculty members at Emory University to suggest formally that when Carter appears
there this week, he should not be permitted to escape without engaging in
debate..... unless he agrees to answer the critics, he should not expect his
conclusions to be accepted.


A Reply to Carter

Where did former president Carter get the comparison between the racial segregation in his country and the South African apartheid regime? The answer lies in the funding for the Carter Center. As it emerges from an article published by lawyer and law professor Alan Dershowitz from the United States, the Center receives generous contributions from Arab rulers.

Israel is the victim of anti-Israelism, which is nothing more than a camouflage for anti-Semitism and a refusal to recognize the historical link between the Jewish People and the Land of Israel, and the right of the Jewish People to self-determination. Carter’s allies are Iranian president Ahmadinejad and the Palestinian terror organizations, which are not interested in the solution which Israel is interested in—two states for two peoples—but for the destruction of Israel.


And sure enough, ... les fleurs du mal...

Beryl Wajsman on a Week of Infamy

Overlapping this display of expedient hypocrisy that has sadly become the defining feature of EU response to international Islamist butchery, were the Israel Apartheid Week manifestations of the usual collection of Islamo-Fascist gauleiters from the Arab world and their fellow-travellers in academic and diplomatic circles in the west. These events sought to portray Israel as an apartheid-era South Africa in relation to its Arab citizens. They took place in eight cities from Oxford to New York to Montreal.

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