Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Spot the connection between a Israeli (?) rooster, an Israeli (?) sacrifice and the truth of the blood libel:

Interviewer: "In some Israeli newspapers and media, we have seen that they take an Israeli hen or rooster, and shed its blood, and they say that this is a form of Israeli sacrifice that brings blessing. We have witnessed this on several occasions. The question is why this important book, Bloody Passover, provoked the Jews throughout the world, who said that this renowned Israeli historian is antisemitic."

You, reader, must not miss this interview. It's chokeful of wisdoms and useful information: here.


And another gem of high thought and civility from the land of the Nile:

“‘Hillary’ and ‘Obama’ – A Woman and a Negro are Participating in the Campaign for the American Presidency”

The religious man in the foreground is saying: "This is another sign of the collapse of the Western civilization"

An interesting view, which considers the election of a woman or an African-American to the American presidency as a dire omen for the disintegration of Western civilization. I also wonder what women, and black people in Egypt feel like when they observe this cartoon. I also wonder what Black Muslims in America would think about such a message.


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