Monday, March 05, 2007

Pushing European buttons...

Yonah Tamar makes a valid point:

Anyone who takes offense to Israel's song choice, and says it is not proper for the Eurovision contest, need only look at last year's entry that actually WON the contest. They were dressed like 'Decomposed Monsters who were part Klingon, part Viking, part Hounds from Hell. They donned metalic garb with sharp spikes, and had fingernails that looked like it could slice a person in half. They even brought on stage a killer axe. Their song entry contained these lyrics below:

...Wings on my back
I got horns on my head
My fangs are sharp
And my eyes are red
Not quite an angel
Or the one that fell
Now choose to join us
or go straight to Hell...

This group was none other than Finland's own heavy metal band called LORDI.

Yes, like hypocrisy and double-standards are so unknown to the Europeans . . .


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