Friday, April 13, 2007

Diary of a 13 year old boy..

Serendipity it is not. What to call this convergence of synchronisities? God playing practical jokes? The universe rattling the knob on our backdoor? Consider an added wrinkle on this enigma the fact that debris from the shuttle Columbia was found in a town called "Palestine" in Texas.

"Still, underlying the frequent yet seemingly unconcerned entries is a sense of growing alarm - if not for Petr, then certainly for his reader - and he occasionally allows this unease to slip through.
"In the morning I did my homework," he writes on Jan. 1, 1942.

"Otherwise nothing special. Actually, a lot is happening, but it is not even visible. What is quite ordinary now would certainly cause upset in a normal time." But then Petr just as soon moves on. The next day, he offers only one line: "In the morning I did my homework, in the afternoon went for a walk."


"The diaries came to light in 2003, discovered because of another tragedy: the explosion of the space shuttle Columbia on Feb. 1, the day Petr would have turned 75. On the flight Ilan Ramon, the first Israeli astronaut and the son of an Auschwitz survivor, had taken a pencil drawing by Petr, borrowed from the collection of the Yad Vashem museum in Israel. When the shuttle exploded over Texas and the story of Petr's drawing was told, a man contacted Yad Vashem saying that he had discovered Petr's old copybooks in the attic of his home in Prague."


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