Wednesday, April 04, 2007

M.E.M.R.I. posts some interesting snapshots from Middle Eastern media:



Do you agree that as a rule,
peoples whose lands have been occupied have the right to conduct resistance and
to fight?"

Nonie Darwish:

"As Arab countries, we must grant
Israel some security. From the days of Abd Al-Nasser until today, with
Ahmadinejad in Iran, all they hear is that we want to throw Israel into the sea.
All they hear are ugly things. Can you believe that we accused Israel of 9/11?
In mosques in America, Egypt, and the Arab countries, they say that Israel was
the cause of 9/11. It is wrong for the Muslims to say such things about

Watch the video, here. A must-see!


Turkish Radio and TV Council Issues Warning to Turkish Radio
Stations for Broadcasting Islamist Messages and Calling for Jihad.

""My dear brother, there is no such thing as 'religions.' There is
no other religion to which Islam is superior. Islam is the one and only religion
in universe."[...]

And then:

When we wanted to explain the value of our faith, [why
didn't we launch] social initiatives... or harness our economic resources to
inform the world about the noble nature of Islam and shari'a? Nothing [of this
sort] was done, except for a few conferences organized by Muslim preachers - and
even this came only after the situation had deteriorated.

"These conferences did not have as much impact as the
actions of the rabble... the bombing of buildings, the abduction of innocent
people, and the murder of peaceful individuals. These spread more quickly and
made a greater impression than lectures aimed at changing [the Western
perception of Islam]...

"Our insistence [on reacting] by
chopping off heads is a paradigm no less dangerous to humanity than paradigms
like Nazism and Fascism. Why isn't there a single Muslim who has not heard about
the [offensive] cartoons [of the Prophet Mohammad] - but when [a Belgian paper]
plans to print and distribute translations of our Holy book [the Koran], this is
taken for granted?..."


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