Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Iranian Holocaust-Denial Documentary Series On Iranian TV: 'Merchants of the Myth'

Georges Thiel: "It's simple. The Nuremberg international military tribunal is an ignominy, something that cannot be called true. In fact, the Nuremberg trials were not real trials, because they were staged. Everybody was from the Western Allied forces, except for the Russians. Russia was managing things in Moscow. People who opposed Moscow and stood in its way were put to death by Russia. If you ask me whether this was an international tribunal, I would have to say that it wasn't. Nuremberg was not an international tribunal, because it was established by the Allied forces. It was a tribunal formed by the victors to place the vanquished on trial. In my opinion, we have examples of this in present times, but I will not mention names."
To Obtain Reparations, "The Number of Those Who Had Suffered in the Holocaust Suddenly Began to Multiply By the Hundreds"

Voiceover: "Many survivors unaffected by the events in the labor camps passed themselves off as prisoners, in order to benefit from the high reparations. This is why the number of those who had suffered in the Holocaust suddenly began to multiply by the hundreds."

Presenter: "By 2000, Germany had paid out some $60 million in reparations to the Zionist regime and to the Jews. These reparations were so important to the Zionist regime that Ben Gurion, the first prime minister of the Zionist regime, expressed his delight in a letter to Nahum Goldman, president of the World Zionist Organization: 'You and I have had the pleasure of experiencing two miracles: The creation of the state of Israel and the signing of the agreement with Germany. I was responsible for the first, and you were responsible for the second.'"

Georges Thiel: "It is people like Faurisson who can demolish this lie. He is a very benevolent and loving human being. He can be compared to Louis Pasteur, who served humanity by inventing medicines. Faurisson, too, by exposing historical truths, has performed a very great service to humanity."

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