Wednesday, July 18, 2007

From Solomonia: "The Making Of A (Child) "Martyr/Hero"

On the industry of radicalizing Palestinian children. The film starts with teenage Husham, who is small in stature and has a sad beautiful puzzled face of a child ill at ease in this world. Why did he want to become a martyr? He gives two reasons: One, because nobody likes him, two, because he wanted to get to Paradise, where he would have some fun.

Next, the film begins to follow the chain of persons involved in Husham's suicide mission. Two other teenagers who seem confused and then, the chief recruiter, a ruthless thug who describes the death culture that he helped create with full knowledge and unmitigated pride. For him, Husham is a failure, a wasted investment. If the candidate does not pull the trigger of the suicide belt, he is nothing, an object worthy of contempt.

Chilling testimony of the self-destructiveness of Palestinian society. Nothing is more indicative of a death cult, and a deadend society, than the kinds of models and future offered to children.


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