Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Turks and the "Zionist bacteria"

The plot thickens. The ADL reversed its position on the Armenian genocide, probably unaware of the very contempt that those very Turks who applied to their help were harbouring against them. I must have been dozing off somewhere not to expect this piece of vituperation emerging from Turkish ruling classes. Thanks to Mick Hartley's vigilance and MEMRI's project, we get to hear what some Muslims say to their millions of followers in their own language:

"Do you know what the safety of Israel means? It means that they will rule the 28 countries from Morocco to Indonesia. Since all the Crusades were organized by the Zionists, and since it was our forefathers the Seljuks who stopped them, according to the Kabbala there should be no sovereign state in Anatolia. This is these people's [i.e. the Jews'] religion, their faith. You can't argue or negotiate with them. This is their religion, and it comes from the Kabbala. [...]
"Let's go back to the [Zionist] bacteria. About $22 trillion out of all the money we spend every year is paid to these racist imperialist Zionists. We, as a country, are paying $200 billion every year to the Zionists so that they can prepare their bombs, so that they can one day come and take our country. This is the world that the Zionists have built. […]

"This racist imperialist Zionism organized 19 Crusades just to reach its goals. To organize the Crusades, it used the Christians. Why is it that the Christians are helping the Jews? A rabbi goes out on the balcony and tells them, 'Oh Christians, isn't it the Messiah that you are waiting for? We too are waiting for the same Messiah.' What the rabbi is doing is taqiya,(1) of course. Then he goes into his synagogue and tells a five-year-old, 'What you heard me say outside is not true. Our Messiah is different. That Jesus is someone whom we killed. He will not come or go anywhere. I told them that to deceive them.'

"These people tell the Christians, 'You are waiting but you have no guidelines as to how to make him come. Our Tevrat tells us what to do. Let's do them together and let's bring the Messiah.' And what were those guidelines? To bring the Jews to Jerusalem, to build and secure the Greater Israel, and so on."

"It was Zionism that established the sect of Protestantism. The capitalist order of today is the religious order of Protestantism. It's because the pope rejects the concept of interest, so as not to allow the exploitation of his children. That's why the Jews decided to change the [Christian] religion, and founded Protestantism. This way they can charge interest and make everybody work for them.

I have always been an advocate of allowing Turkey a place in the European Union. I had the impression that secular Turkey had overcome its religious past in favour of a prosperous present. Yet Turkish insistence on keeping intact the respectability of their Ottoman past by denying their massacres of the Armenians seems incongruent with the responsibility of the modern state. Now this speech from a mentor of the current leadership helps further to explain how far Turkey has regressed in its commitment to modernity, democracy, and tolerance.

Bad days ahead for Turkish Jews. Most of my father's family live there.


At 10:05 AM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My moms family was from there as well and I follow events quite closely. I would add that antisemitism is certainly not an exclusive of the Islamacists in Turkey. One sees it quite often in the secular nationalist press and officials as well.

It is the secularists who committed the genocides against at least two million Armenians, Assyrians and Greeks there, the secularists who created the Word War Two labor battalions targeting Christian and Jewish minorites and the secular nationalists who started the "Istanbul Pogrom" which destroyed hundreds of business of the dwindling Jewish and Greek minorities.

We've created our own myth about "tolerance" in Turkey that is far from the truth.



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