Monday, September 03, 2007

Just found this wonderful blog,

Kamangir (Archer) - کمانگیر
An Iranian looking at Iran as a foreigner…

Here are a few posts that may amuse:

First: Israelis have liked the Iranian movie Cafe Transit. That is enough for the ultra-right state-run newspaper Kayhan to complain, “The full support of the Zionists, whose hostility towards Iranians and Iran is well-known to everyone showed that … [this movie should have never been sent to the 2006 Oscars]”. Then, the newspaper asks how the “Zionists” have been able to acquire the copyright of the movie [Persian]. This is from a newspaper whose head is assigned by the Supreme Leader. Another person he directly assigns is the head of the national television. I wonder if they are that much concerned about Hollywood movies in there.

Second: "The aims of the Zionist project, Harry Potter, has long been understood, even to the Western intellectuals and they have very frequently pointed out their suspicion about the book. Zionists have spent billions of dollars on this project."

Third: In the interview she talks about some Muslims calling her a Zionist, because she defends Bahai’is. The title Neo-Con was recently given to her by Hossein Derakhshan (Hoder). The irony is, Hoder requested twice to be accepted in the Mideast Youth and to write in there (copies of his emails are available). He was rejected both times. Neo-Con or Zionist, or anything else, I know no other blog in which too many people from too many different backgrounds discuss such hot issues of mutual interest.

Hmm. Words fail me.


At 5:55 PM EDT, Anonymous The New Centrist said...

Hi there,

I thought you might be interested in having a look at this:

Tariq Nelson: Hatred of the West is the 7th Pillar of Islam


At 6:29 PM EDT, Blogger The Contentious Centrist said...

Isn't it strange how no space is left for Jews in which to exist free of people's projections of hatreds and anxieties? For two millennia the Jew was the ultimate Oriental, unassimilatable, strange, scaary. Into the third millenium we have the Jew cast as the ultimate embodiment of Western Civilization, by those who bridle at being "orientalized" by Western scholarship. The importance of Shylock for Edward Said was in his "orientalism", not as a Jew. Which he then mobilized into his "Orientalim" theory.


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