Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A morning thought:

It's funny, isn't it, how, in large swathes of the Left, the humanity of Israel's enemies has become mega-human, the sum of all humanity, so much so that it trumps whatever humanity Israelis lay claim to. It's a strange conception of "Human rights". Louise Arbour and The UN Human Rights Council are champions of this position. I only mention her in order to drive home the point that this is no longer a position of the marginal crazies. As is evident in the priorities of this UN body:

"The real action comes in the session’s remaining 10 days. Tomorrow the council will address its first country situation with — what else — a special agenda item targeting Israel. Only on Monday will the world’s 191 other countries have the chance to be addressed, though even then only one country — Sudan — is certain to be raised. On Friday the council will discuss Durban and the “defamation of religion” report as well as more on UPR (see above)."

As Michael Ignatieff, in his book “Human Rights as Politics and Idolatry” says:

“Many of these NGO’s espouse the universalist language of human rights but actually use it to defend highly particularist causes: the rights of particular national groups or minorities or classes or persons… The problem is that particularism conflicts with universalism at the point at which one’s commitment to a group leads one to countenance human rights violations towards another group.”

Ah well. I'm in a particularly sour mood today, what with the ready and all-too-willing-to-appease reception of Ahmadinejad in NY and some rather approving editorials and comments I've read about his ideas.

It appears that, given the choice between George Bush and the Iranian fanatic, the Rococo* leftist will root for the Iranian, thus supporting racist, misogynist, homophobic, totalitarian, inquisitional, imperialist, and genocidal docrtine. With Israel as the guinea pig in the experimentation with this "new" thinking.


Rococo is too benign a term for this kind of position. I'd go even further than my usual "Indecent Left" and call it the "Rancid Left".


Later: My mood has brightened, thanks to Kamangir's poker-style humour:

Solid Proof that Israelis are Paranoid

And Kamangir's Rosh Hashana Offering


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